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Robin Hood - PG - Reminisce
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Reminisce
Fandom: Robin Hood
Characters: Told in Djaq's POV, with Much, Will, Little John and mentions of everyone else.
Word Count: 1,777
Rating: PG
Summary: Djaq rarely liked to remember her past, but it would happen once in a while. Usually when it did, she'd think of Basmah.
Author's Notes: My first Robin Hood fic! Hopefully to be followed by many, many more, yes? Well, whatever if it is, whatever if it isn't. Hope you like it! Comments are love. :D

It seemed hopeless. She'd be a slave, and then she'd die. Collapse )

Icon post!
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Just a few icons that I made for macstillness (including the two that I submitted, I believe). All of them are, of course, of Tina Majorino.

Big Love, Heather ((1-3))
"Blind" Video ((4-7, 22-25))
Veronica Mars, Mac ((8-21))

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Icon post!
Fandom taught me how to behave...
001 - 003 - Kyle Gallner on Smallville ("Justice")
004 - 016 - FX's The Riches (mostly DiDi/Cael and Sam)
017 - 019 - Tina Majorino's Alice in Wonderland

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Credit vkitty if you take.
Comments are nice.

Fic: Never EndNever EndNever End
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Never EndNever EndNever End
Fandom: Skins
Characters: Cassie (mentions of Sid, Maxxie, Anwar, Michelle, Jal, Sid/Michelle and Michelle/Tony)
Word Count: 227
Rating: PG-13 for one curse word. (ONE!)
Summary: Cassie in the hospital.
Author's Notes: First Skins fic and I decided to go and write Cassie. Feedback is muchly approved! (Errr, appreciated. Right.)

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Veronica Mars - Dick/Mac - Spiders When I Close My Eyes
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Spiders When I Close My Eyes
Author: vkitty
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Dick/Mac, Cassidy
Spoilers: Up until 2x22 (although with shades of things that had happened in the third season).
Word Count: Unknown until 15north gets back and tells me.
Rating: PG-13-ish for dark themes and mackin'.
Summary: When she woke up one morning and saw him standing at the foot of her bed, she remembered everything. She checked herself into the mental hospital the next day.
Author's Notes: Written for killerspork33's birthday (two days late, but still a present). That having been said, this is also the last VM fic I'm going to be writing for a long time - if not forever. And because this is my Very Special Last Fic (tm), there's sort of a surprise at the end. Just keep reading.

As for me? I might be back. In a long time when I don't care anymore about the things that transpired on the show. Until then, as I told 15north:

The show ended at 2x22. Mac and Dick bonded over the summer, then ended up becoming best friends, "friends with benefits" soon after that, and "more than friends" a year later. They got married at twenty-six. Dick became a real estate agent and took over what was left of Phoenix Land Trust. Mac got a nice gig in programming and eventually invented something and got millions. They had two girls, Lucy and Eva, and a son Rory (because Dick was handing out cigars and didn't get to the birth certificate before Mac could sign it) and lived forever in married bliss.

Or the show ended at 2x22 and Cassidy pushed Veronica off the roof and basically the same thing happened. Either way, the show ended at 2x22 for me.

But seeing as how this note has already gone over the prescribed length an author's note should be, I'll just let you read now.

College was long over.Collapse )

Looking Through You - A Mac/Dick Fanmix
Fandom taught me how to behave...

Warning: Not exactly parent/work safe.

Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little boy like youCollapse )

Fic: Crack the Sky (Liam, Bronson) R
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Crack the Sky
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Liam, Danny, Bronson
Word Count: 250
Rating: R (for cursing and implied murder)
Summary: He hated it when people didn't pay. This guy? Didn't pay.
Author's Notes: You really shouldn't read this unless you don't like Bronson. Or unless you're just very curious and want to see what happens when I start writing with the intent of having people stuffed into oil drums. You can blame 15north for encouraging me. Feedback is greatly appreciated, though.

He hated it when people didn't pay.Collapse )

Drifting (Bronson, Mac/Dick) PG-13
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Drifting
Author: vkitty
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Pairings: Bronson, Mac/Dick (with Mac/Bronson in the beginning)
Word Count: 1068
Rating: PG-13, for extreme scenes of making out, ya'll.
Summary: The first time he sees The Guy, it's on their first date. He doesn't get much information out of her, except for the fact that The Guy was a Bad Guy and that he shouldn't have said some of the things he said.
Spoilers: Up until 3x10.
Author's Notes: I told 15north I'd write a Mac/Dick fic from Bronson's point of view. And... yeah, here it is. A character I've never written before. Go figure. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Trying to save the animals, Ghost World? Collapse )

the suggestion box: a peter/parker fanmix
Fandom taught me how to behave...

I wonder what it is that I did to make you move inCollapse )

Fic: Flying High
Fandom taught me how to behave...
Title: Flying High
Author: vkitty
Fandom: Veronica Mars/Heroes
Characters/Pairings: Peter Petrelli/Parker Lee
Word Count: 328
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up until 3x01 of Veronica Mars and 1x14 ("Distractions") of Heroes.
Summary: Their first kiss is wet.
Author's Notes: All you need to know is that I am a major geek and that 15north is an awful enabler who should not be allowed around me. Feedback is muchly appreciated (and yes, there is a fanmix coming. Since I'm a masochist and like to write ships I will never see.)

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